Our Sheep

We got into sheep in 2007. We bought a small herd of Hampshire and Hampshire/Columbian cross ewes as well as a Hampshire ram. We had our first lambs in the early months of 2008. Due to the cold we ended up losing a few and had two as bottle lambs. Lambing is now planned for the late spring early summer when it is a bit warmer. We didn't know a whole lot about sheep and found out that they waste alot of hay unless it is put in a feeder. We learned they will get out if the fence isn't completely solid. If one sheep runs they all do. If they get their head through the page wire they won't pull themselves out, and when you go to help them, they will work against you. Regardless of all this we enjoy them very much and though they try our patience more often than not, we wouldn't change our minds about getting sheep.

In 2009 our Hampshire ram decided to get in a fight with one of our bulls, needless to say he lost. Out we went looking for a new ram. It turned out that we bought an Icelandic ram from some friends. Didrick was all black with nicely curled horns and bug eyes, his appearance was somewhat on the "I wear a tinfoil helmet so the aliens can't read my thoughts" side. His temperament matched his appearance. He was a good ram and we got two seasons of lambing out of him and then we decided to sell him.

We usually have a few lambs for sale each year either for meat or for breeding. They go fast, if you are interested in lamb, head on over to Contact Us and inquire about availability.

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