SpruceHill Ranch Price List

Lamb and beef are available in the fall. The prices for lamb and beef are according to rail weight, not live weight. Average weights on our lambs are around 40 - 50lbs. Beef weights vary more than lamb, hanging anywhere from 200 - 300lbs per half. Grass fed eggs are available in the summer months when the chickens are out on pasture. We are able to produce eggs during winter as we have a heated barn in which we house the chickens and ducks. However they are on a 100% grain diet during winter with the exception of food scraps twice a week ( fruit peels and cores, old vegetables, bread, greens, and the occasional wheat grass.)

---Seasonally Available--- Price May Vary
Chicken Eggs $4/Doz.
Grass Finished Beef $3.85/lb Includes Cut & Wrap
Contact for Availability Price May Vary - Live Animals
Open Heifers $1500
Bred Heifers $2,500
Cow/Calf Pairs $2,500
Bulls - Up to 2 y/o $1,500-$2,000
Bulls - Over 2 y/o $2,500 and up