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Penny and Flash trotting side by side in field

What are Miniature Herefords?

History. It all started almost 250 years ago. A very dedicated family set out to develop a beef breed of cattle that could make beef efficiently from grass. The Herefords' beginning was in 1756 when that family closed their herd after years of selection for the type to accomplish that goal. Another dedicated family started the early Hereford dominace of Herefords in America when they imported Anxiety 4th(the accepted father of American Herefords) from England in 1882. The present day Miniature Herefords are descendants of Anxiety 4th.

From the turn of the century to the mid-1960's, by coming down in size and improving type, generations of Hereford breeders developed and extremely efficient beef animal. At one time, 70% of all the registered cattle in America where Herefords. The Miniature Herefords of today are the result of another family composed of 5th generation Hereford breeders, determined to return to and keep that efficient type of Hereford.

Characteristics. The Miniature Hereford is a small "typey" Hereford, just the opposite of the tall long legged show type bovine of today. Minis are thick, deep bodied, short legged, muscular and chunky in appearance. Minis are early maturing, very fertile, excellent feed converters, easy keepers and very gentle in nature. The offspring of a mating is very predictable as to type and conformation due to the strong genetic base that has been firmly established. Minis are bery hardy and adaptable to various environments including the extreme cold of Canada, the high humidity of the East, the heat of the South and the dry deserts of the Southwest.