Equine Partners

Spruce Hill Ranch got its first few horses in 1997. They were aquired as mounts for Pony Club. As we gained experience and insight, sometimes at the price of a sore bottom, we used our horses for other things such as trail riding, chasing cows, transport and other things they probably wish we hadn't used them for. Have a look around the page, click on their photos to go to individual pages and enjoy.

Mares Residing at SpruceHill Ranch
checkers side thumbnail Checkers 2001 Tb x
Sinka side thumbnail Sinka 2001 Qh Warmblood
Geldings Residing at SpruceHill Ranch
Commander side thumbnail Gladwin Courage`s Commander 2003 CSHA
Easy side thumbnail Easy Unknown Mini Shetland Cross
Flash side thumbnail Flash 02/05/06 Quarter Horse