Spruce-Hill MX Diablo 1 22N

Reg No: C02840891

Born: April 28 2003

Fred with Reserve Grand Champion banner at Farmfair 2004

Reserve Grand Champion as a yearling

Fred as two year old at Farmfair 2005

2 year old at Farmfair 2005

Fred 5 years old in pasture

5 years old

Spruce-Hill MX Diablo 1 22N "Fred" was born April 28 2003 with a birth weight of 62lbs. As a yearling he was shown at Farmfair International in 2004, placing as Multi Breed Reserve Champion Bull. During the summer of 2007 Fred was sent to Alta Genetics in Balzac, AB to have his semen collected, and approved for North America.

Due to our need to minimize our herd, Fred was sent to slaughter in the fall of 2009. Although our cows and your cows can no longer enjoy his companionship they can still produce his offspring, thanks to frozen semen.

Spruce-Hill MX Diablo 1 22N   C02840891   April 28 2003
Spruce-Hill MX Diablo 1 22N Mixtse Diablo 96F Happy Mountain 1 LS MT Prince 8
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LS Miss MT Nugget 36
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