Spruce-Hill TW Brandon 27P

Reg No: C02862305

Born: April 02 2004

Brandon April 23, 2020 in pasture

Brandon's BW 69lbs.

Brandon's semen is approved for Australia, New Zealand, and Europe including Denmark and Sweden.

For Sale: SOLD

Spruce-Hill TW Brandon 27P   C02862305   April 02 2004
Spruce-Hill TW Brandon 7P Spruce-Hill Twistler ET 3H LS Mt Spot 9 LS R Mountain 5
LS Miss MT Nugget 16
LS Miss Silver MT 5 LS D Mountain 13
LS Miss D Four 7 4
Spruce-Hill Suprise ET 6J Poe Brandon 1ET LS R Mountain 1
LS Miss Iron 2
LS Miss MT Pebble 7 LS Mountain 31
LS MS S Mountain 1