Who We Are

We came from accross the big pond, from Sweden. We moved to Canada in 1991 due to work. After being in Canada we knew this is where we wanted to stay. Our family consists of three daughters and two sons (one being our son-in-law). Our eldest has married and moved away but still wishes to continue farming with her husband.

We are a homeschooling family. It has been challenging but we would do it again in a heart beat. The kids not only learned their reading writing and arithmetic, they also learned animal husbandry, fence construction and calf wrestling (among other things). The kids learned at their own pace, for example, if they weren't quite up to a certain grade of math they could work on a lower grade until they were confident. If grade 5 spelling was to easy they would do grade 6 or 7 spelling.

Our girls got into horses in 1997. They were involved in lessons at a stable where they got their first taste of PPG, mounted games. Off it was to buy ponies for them to jump all over and wag flags around. Ponies sure get used to all manner of things fast when you place them under the care of beginners competing in games involving flags, bags and noise makers. Along with pony club we got into 4-H beef, fitting since we had cows, it'll be easy just slap a halter on the cow and lead it around a ring...right. Wrong. Needless to say we learned alot during those years about cows and horses.

Learning is still an ongoing process in which we are deeply involved.

Our Philosophy

We believe in keeping things as natural as possible for our animals. They are turned out 24/7 on pasture, when the grass is no longer growing we feed hay and barley if it is needed. There are no hormones or antibiotics in their feed, nor do we pump them full of chemicals. As for handling, we find it works best for both us and the animals when they are handled with patience. Slow and steady has always turned better results for us, especially when handling animals that have a few hundered pounds on us.

Growing good, wholesome, unadulterated food is our goal. We want food to which we know the origin, how it was handled, how it was fed and how it was kept. That is our main reason for starting up our farm.